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Language Groups 

Social Butterflies 

Preschool-age Emerging Language Group Social


Butterflies is a program designed to promote language development and social connections between children ages 2 and 3. This small group will be language-intensive with weekly themes and activities developed to encourage communication and intentional play with same-age peers. 

Call the office at 972 387 1100 to check on schedule and availability.  When this group is not offered, small group language experiences are integrated into the child’s individual sessions as needed. 


Stellar Storytellers 

School-age Narrative Language Development Group 


Calling all storytellers! Stellar Storytellers is a program designed to promote narrative language development in an intensive group setting. This group is for school-age kids (grades 2-6) who are having difficulty with language structures necessary for telling and writing stories. Children will be learning about narrative structure, story organization and development, and then creating their own stories to share! If you think your child may be a good candidate for this group, speak with your child’s teacher or Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Call the office at 972 387 1100 to check on availability.   This group is scheduled as the need arises. Our speech and language therapists will also work on these skills on an individual basis.