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Fun with Friends Social Skills Group 

Playworks Pediatric Therapy Services offers several Social Skills Groups each semester. Our programs are designed to address the current needs of the children in the group through the use of curriculums such as, How Does your Engine Run?®, You are a Social Detective™ and Superflex™. Through our programs, we promote “flexible” social thinking® and boost confidence in a variety of social situations. 


The How Does your Engine Run?® program, created by Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, offers a way to help children learn about themselves. It provides an easily understood way for children to monitor the signals that indicate an internal level of readiness to work, play, listen, attend, and participate in the activities of life. 


The You are a Social Detective™ program is a curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephanie Madrigal. Through the use of this curriculum, we learn how to become good social detectives, which means we use our eyes, ears, and brains to figure out what others are planning to do next or are presently doing and what they mean by their words and actions. Throughout the group, we target these concepts through videos, games, and role-play.


The Superflex™ program is a Superhero Social Thinking® curriculum also created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephanie Madrigal. The curriculum teaches children how to use super- flexible thinking strategies to become stronger social thinkers and social problem solvers. Learn more at


The goal of this curriculum is to:

  • Promote “flexible” thinking in children who have difficulty adapting their thoughts and plans around the thoughts and plans of others.
  • Explore the concept of Social Thinking® (thinking about others), and explain that we are social beings.
  • Increase understanding of social expectations across environments.
  • Increase children’s awareness of their own behaviors and provide strategies for how to modify these behaviors during every day activities.
  • Empower children to help themselves in social situations. 


All of this is accomplished in a fun, motivating way using the character Superflex™ to help provide examples of flexible thinking to defeat the team of Unthinkables™ that can get in our heads and make us rigid, non-social thinkers. 


All of these curriculums help children generalize social skills across environments, especially when shared with parents and teachers. 


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This program, including its teacher or leader, is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc. or Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger and TherapyWorks, Inc.