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About Us

For more than 20 years, Playworks under the direction of Sandy Buttine, OTR, has been providing outcome-based pediatric occupational therapy services in the Dallas metroplex.


Our goal is to be innovative in our approach, staying rooted to strong evidence based practices. We offer a personal, caring, family-focused environment that focuses on the individual. Collectively, we have more than 50 years of experience working to improve and change the lives of children and their families. We believe in continual learning and our staff is supported through ongoing education and mentoring. 


Our focus is always on the child and his/her family. We recognize that progress in therapy does not happen exclusively in the clinic. A comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of the child and their interaction with their parents and/or caregivers is the path to the child’s growth and development. We take a child-by-child approach to the delivery of our services. 


How are we unique compared to other pediatric occupational therapy providers? 


Playworks is the only practice in the greater Dallas metroplex offering the DIR/FIoor Time Model, which focuses on building the child’s individual capacities rather than focusing on isolated behaviors and developing splinter skills. This model empowers us to understand the child’s Developmental Capacities, recognize the child’s Individual Differences and how to support the Relationships that will help the child’s growth and development.